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Who is FBS?

FBS is 70 year-old a forward-thinking real estate company that builds projects with innovation and modern vision based on solid values to advance the real estate field and implement exceptional projects.

Our vision

Redefining the real estate landscape to elevate the living experience and people by seamlessly integrating our commitment to excellence, innovation, and sustainability with the broader goal of contributing to global progress.

Our values

Our cornerstone is Integrity and building relationships on transparency, ethical behavior, and innovation, constantly looking for ways to build unique spaces.

Our sectors

Residential projects

Bin Saedan residential projects provide inspiring havens with sustainable environmental designs that meet all your basic and luxury needs, from interior protection and living services to stunning views, as they are designed to suit your distinctive lifestyle.

Commercial Projects

Our carefully selected commercial buildings inspire you to pursue your entrepreneurial dreams, as we provide the ideal starting point for whatever your business growth may be, from retail and entertainment venues to modern office space.

About our projects

Our residential and commercial projects improve the quality of your life and investment.

Our Partners

A strong foundation and advanced innovation

At Bin Saedan, we strive to implement modern architectural styles and inspiring
innovations with a strong foundation.


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Providing exceptional construction services and insight from the start.

Our way


Our dedication to sustainability is evident in our commitment to energy efficiency and responsible waste management. By implementing green initiatives and reducing our carbon footprint, we aim to protect the environment and promote a sustainable future. From using renewable energy sources to minimizing waste production, we prioritize eco-friendly practices in all our endeavors. Our sustainable approach extends to the heart of our operations, reflecting our vision for a cleaner and greener world.


The safety of our team is a priority

At Bin Saedan, we are committed to implementing the highest safety protocols and applying the necessary protective measures to ensure the protection of our workers and maintain accident-free work environments.

We redefine
what’s possible

Meet our leadership

Faisal bin Abdullah bin Saidan

President and Chief Executive Officer

“To everyone whose goal is success in real estate development, aiming to improve the quality of life in residential communities and services that aid in achieving business and investment objectives, we welcome individuals and entities alike. We extend our hands to join you in realizing these dreams together.”

Tariq bin Abdullah bin Saidan


“Since 1934, we’ve advanced in real estate, embracing modern technologies while preserving our heritage. Diversifying our investments aligns with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030. We actively contribute to the community with projects like a kidney health center, Quran memorization centers, and support for charities. Our dedicated employees and loyal clients drive us to excel.”



Our Insights team delivers market analysis, trends, and data-driven strategies, empowering businesses with industry knowledge for informed, strategic decisions.