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Leadership at Faisal bin saedan is a commitment to innovation, vision, and progress. Our leadership team, guided by a forward-thinking vision, strives to drive the company towards excellence, nurturing its growth and adapting to changing landscapes in the real estate industry.


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Tariq bin Abdullah bin Saidan


“Since 1934, we’ve advanced in real estate, embracing modern technologies while preserving our heritage. Diversifying our investments aligns with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030. We actively contribute to the community with projects like a kidney health center, Quran memorization centers, and support for charities. Our dedicated employees and loyal clients drive us to excel.”

Faisal bin Abdullah bin Saidan

President and Chief Executive Officer

To everyone whose goal is success in real estate development, aiming to improve the quality of life in residential communities and services that aid in achieving business and investment objectives, we welcome individuals and entities alike. We extend our hands to join you in realizing these dreams together