Sunset Jewel Project Project

Sunset Jewel Project

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Faisal Abdullah Bin Saedan Real Estate Investment and Development Company, a company specialized in the construction of residential real estate projects, which is an extension of the family’s experience in the real estate market that extends for more than 70 years. We look forward to providing our reliable and appropriate real estate products to consumers on the basis of quality, innovation and appropriate price. Luxurious ownership apartments with 70 apartments under the umbrella of the Wafi program (sale on the map). Each apartment has 5 rooms and a hall, of which 8 apartments are two floors for each apartment. Elegant finishing with attention to the basic touches of facades, entrances and corridors • The spaces are studied to suit the beneficiary's taste and raise the quality of life, taking into account the purchasing power and the loan provided by the Ministry of Housing • The design should focus on giving the impression of the location and size of the rooms, especially the Majlis. • The areas of the apartments range from 157 m 2 to 199 m 2

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