Al-Salam Plaza Center

Al-Salam Plaza Center in the city of Delm, Saudi Arabia, provides a distinguished commercial space for various business owners.
Commercial Projects

Number of Apartments


8,870 Square Meters


Al-Dalam - Saudi Arabia

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Al-Salam Plaza Center

Al-Salam Plaza Center is a modern commercial project located in the vibrant city of Daylam. The total area of the center is 8,870 square meters, of which 5,306 square meters are allocated for rental space and include a diverse mix of retail stores and famous restaurant branches, including Al Nahdi, Burgerizzr, Al Othaim, Hardee’s, and Al-Rajhi Bank ATM. Al-Salam Plaza offers a variety of benefits to businesses, as its prime location in a high-traffic area makes it more visible and accessible, making it an ideal location for diverse brands.