Nuzl Khayala

With its support of Vision 2030, Nuzl Al Khayala represents the future expansion of Jeddah, a collaborative project that raises the standard of living of 520 families.
Residential Projects

Number of Apartments

520 Apartment


12,672 Square Meters



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Nuzl Khayala

It is a cooperative project between the real estate sector, the Ministry of Housing, and the Off-Plan Sale Committee “Wafi”, which was implemented in support of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030. The project can accommodate 520 families and is distinguished by its high quality of life, excellent protection, and internal division designed specifically for the needs of the Saudi family. The project is located on an area of 12,672 square meters in the Al Khayala suburb in the western part of Jeddah. It is close to all amenities and reflects the city’s advanced urban expansion.